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Bristol Local Food Fund (BLFF) is a voluntary project with a vision to create a city of food justice, where everyone can access nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food. To achieve this vision, BLFF fundraises from people and businesses across Bristol, and reallocates those funds to community food projects that are tackling food insecurity.


​BLFF uses "participatory grantmaking" where people with lived experience of food insecurity have the power to decide where funding is awarded. This ensures that BLFF gives power back to local people, and priority is given to communities that are most in need of support.


Find out more about BLFF & participatory grantmaking


BLFF is run in partnership with both Quartet Community Foundation and Feeding Bristol, registered charitable organisations that hold donations and distribute funds on behalf of BLFF.


​In 2023, BLFF's first round of grant funding was awarded, with 18 amazing community food projects sharing a total of £60,000. Find out more. With food insecurity continuing to grow as the cost of living crisis deepens, BLFF is aiming to raise £150,000 per year. Please consider supporting.


​Together we can build a city of food justice. 

Become a supporter of Bristol Local Food Fund today.

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