The Cause

For thousands of people across the city, Bristol’s vibrant food culture is a world away. Bristol Local Food Fund aims to build one central pot to tackle food inequality. By connecting the efforts already in place, and recruiting a citizens panel to choose which new projects to support, the fund will ensure that everyone can access affordable, healthy food.

No one wants to live in a city of inequalities, and Bristol has an amazing charitable and community ethos, but to make a real impact, there needs to be a way to focus resources, and give power to those who are so often disempowered by the structure of our society. 

Who Are We?

Bristol Local Food Fund is a new project, created and run by a small group of volunteers working in partnership with Quartet Community Foundation, Burges Salmon, Feeding Bristol and Bristol Food Network.

What are we aiming to achieve?

A Crowdfunder campaign will launch online this September for six weeks, with the goal to raise an initial £100,000. First on the agenda will be appointing the citizens panel – made up of people from across the city with lived experience of the issues at hand. Those representatives will help award the funds to serve the community projects most in need, and they will be paid the real living wage for their time.

Image by Martyna Bober