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What and Why?

Helping fight food inequality in Bristol

Bristol has an amazing food and drink culture, but 1 in 20 homes experience food insecurity, struggling to access enough food to eat. There are many brilliant community food projects working to tackle food insecurity, but they need funding and support.

 So, you may be asking, why support Bristol Local Food Fund?

The Bristol Local Food Fund aims to tackle food insecurity by funding and supporting community food projects that are helping people most in need  in our city.

The funds will be allocated by a Citizens Panel, made up of local people with lived experience of food insecurity, to ensure money will go where it is most needed.

This is a fund by the people of Bristol, helping to build a fairer food system in our city.

To kick-start the fund, we aim to raise £100,000 with our Crowdfunder campaign, and we need your help!

How To Support the Bristol Local Food Fund

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How you can get involved

Whether you're a food business, local business or just a passionate individual, learn more about how you can get involved.

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Food Business

Find out how you can support the Bristol Local Food Fund as a Bristol-based food business, through offering crowdfunding incentives, donations or social media coverage.


Find out how you can support the Bristol Local Food Fund as an individual, by donating and increasing awareness of the project.

Local Business

Find out how you can support the Bristol Local Food Fund as a Bristol- based business, through donations, spreading the word and becoming a partner.

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