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Supporting local community food projects to fight food insecurity

A group of 6 people proudly holding up signs saying 'I'm supporting Bristol Local Food Fund". They standing outside in a garden amongst yellow and purple flowers, with trees and houses in the background. Some of the group are holding boxes of freshly picked vegetables including pumpkins, cabbage and carrots.

Why support Bristol Local Food Fund?

A group of young people walking towards a polytunnel, with one of them holding a woven basket. Someone is holding the door to the polytunnel open and a dog can be seen in the background. Green beans are growing well on the plot and there are flowers in bloom and grasses blowing in the wind.

Bristol has an amazing food and drink culture, but it is also a city where

1 in 12 households experience food insecurity, without reliable access to good, nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food. There are many brilliant community projects and charities in Bristol working to tackle food insecurity, but there is not enough funding and support.


Bristol Local Food Fund addresses this by using donations from the generous people and businesses of Bristol and distributing grants to local food projects using participatory grantmaking, with priority given to people and communities that experience food insecurity most severely.


In 2023, we awarded grants worth £60,000 to 18 community food projects across the city. Sadly, the level of need is growing rapidly, so we are now aiming to raise £150,000 per year, and to continue to do this work until everyone in our city can access good, nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food.


Donate to Bristol Local Food Fund today and help build a city of food justice.

How does Bristol Local Food Fund work?

To ensure that funds are allocated to people and communities that are most impacted, all funding decisions are made by a group of local people with lived experience of food insecurity - which we call a Citizens Panel.


The Citizens Panel is professionally facilitated, all members of the Panel are remunerated for their time above the living wage, and all reasonable expenses covered. This approach is known as participatory grantmaking, and aims to be much more inclusive and accessible.

BLFF is a project run by volunteers, raising money from local people and businesses in Bristol. All funds are held on behalf of BLFF by our partners, Feeding Bristol and Quartet Community Foundation.

Together we can build a city of food justice, where everyone can access good, nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food.

Support us in our mission to fight food insecurity


Every amount will help us reach our goal.

Support BLFF as a business

Find out how your business can help tackle food insecurity in our city.

Get in touch

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Want to find out more?

Interested in learning more about food insecurity, participatory grantmaking or the 18 projects we have funded so far?


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