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How Bristol food businesses can get involved

Bristol is famous for its vibrant food scene, making your support even more valuable. Although you are doing a great job making Bristol such a brilliant foodie hub, BLFF needs your help to alleviate the food insecurity problems faced by so many people in our city.

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Support the Bristol food scene

To make Bristol a truly "foodie city", we need to make sure that everyone has access to healthy and affordable food.

Get noticed and win new customers

Supporting a good cause will attract more people to your business, and offering donation incentives can encourage new people to try your food out!

Connect to the heart of food in Bristol

We're stronger together. Let's all unite to tackle food insecurity in Bristol. You are an important part and we really value your help.

Working towards a future where everyone will have access to healthy, affordable and nutritious food.

How can you get involved?

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Offer an incentive

Offering incentives on a Crowdfunder make it more likely for someone to donate. Anything you have, whether it's a voucher or a dining experience, get in touch.

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Make a donation

Our Crowdfunder has now launched! Click the button below to go to our campagn and make a donation.

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Share us on social

Promote BLFF to your network so that more people discover us and then donate! We can help you with posts, content and timing.

Already supported by:

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Better Foods

Essential Trading 

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Hugo's Greengrocer Deli

Ah-Ma's Dumplings 

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Wiper and True 

And many more!


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