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Together we can build a city of food justice, where everyone can access good, nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food.

You can support BLFF by making a regular or one-off donation.

A person is selecting fresh fruit and veg, from a lush range of produce laid out in boxes on a table. They are selecting from greens, radishes, mushrooms, cabbage, tomatoes and raspberries, amongst other things. There is a pile of brown paper bags in the foreground for people to package the produce.

Rewards from Bristol’s food community

4 staff stood smiling outside Kal Dosa holding signs saying 'I'm supporting BLFF', two of them have white chef hats on. The restauraunt is a greeny blue, with an orangey red awning hanging over the street.

By becoming a regular monthly donor to BLFF, you’ll not only be donating to an important cause, but you’ll also be eligible to receive some fun foodie rewards as a special “thank you” from local Bristol businesses.


For anyone becoming a regular supporter of BLFF who can commit to a minimum donation of £10 per month, we’re offering a slew of fabulous foodie gift vouchers from the likes of Harts Bakery, Nadu, Kal Dosa, Pizzarova, Hugo’s Greengrocers, Gingerbeards Preserve, Ah-Mas Dumplings, Better Food, Eatchu, Forest Bakery and KASK.

Laura Hart, Owner of Harts Bakery, said: 

"We are really excited to be working with The Bristol Local Food Fund. We are always looking for projects to support and this gives us confidence the funds are going where they are needed the most. With lots of small businesses working together we can join forces and make a real difference.”

What we’ve done so far


18 projects funded in 2022, receiving grants between £1000 and £5000.


People across Bristol were
engaged in projects supported through BLFF funding.


Volunteers involved in
the BLFF funded projects.

"[The grant] has helped to further establish our organisation within Bristol’s food justice network, better placing us to continue to expand the work we do tackling food insecurity, poverty, and poor health in the local area."

- Lush Greens

With your help, we can make Bristol a city of food justice, where everyone can access nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food, which is grown, produced, sold and consumed in ways that care for people and the environment.

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